Buyer Step 9: Wire Your Earnest Money

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Wire Your Earnest Money

Now that your offer has been accepted by the seller and we have an executed contract, it’s time to deliver your earnest money. Earnest money usually need to be dropped off within 4 business days of contract execution. What is earnest money? Click here to read a great article explaining earnest money.

I will inform you exactly how much earnest money need to be delivered and how you will need to set this up. Coldwell Banker prefers that you send the earnest money via wire transfer, but if that is not possible, I will instruct you on how to write the check and where to deliver it. Please see previous email addressing wire fraud and take all precautions.  

As a reminder, your earnest money check amount will be deducted from your final down payment.

If you have questions, call or text me at 801-734-5819 or email me at