Buyer Step 16: Hire Movers and Start Packing

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Step 16 to Buying a Home: Hire Movers and Start Packing

If you are planning to move into your new home upon recording, schedule the move for at least 1 – 2 hours after closing ends, if possible. Legally you can’t move into the house until the end of closing: that means all documents have been signed, the bank funds the loan and transfers the funds to the seller, and the deed records. This is when the transaction actually closes. And this is when you will receive the keys to your new home! If you have a morning settlement appointment, you may be able to receive the keys that day. Otherwise, plan on moving in the following day.

Start gathering boxes and packing supplies. Often you can find free or nearly free boxes on KSL or Facebook Marketplace.  Otherwise, Home Depot, Lowes are all great places to get moving supplies.


Moving can be incredibly stressful on pets so consider having them stay with a friend or in daycare for a few days while you move and get settled into your new place.